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Stop wasting time and money on process modeling! Get your whole team on the same page with BPMN Method and Style training: on-site, live-online,gamified eLearning...

4 Ways to Professionalize Your BPM Team


1Learn BPMN the right way. Not just compliance with the spec, but maximum effectiveness as a common visual language. Available live-onsite, live-online, or web/on-demand. Same course content, tools, post-class certification. Don’t be left behind.


2Who says you can’t learn to create “good BPMN” from a book?  BPMN Method and Style shows you how to do it.  The same information as the training, but in book form.  As a bonus, the book also explains the BPMN 2.0 metamodel, XML serialization, and reveals what “executable BPMN 2.0″ really means.


3Mastering BPMN takes practice and repetition of exercises.  Sounds boring, right?  Gamification makes it fun.  bpmnPRO is a new offering that complements the Method and Style training or book to make you a BPMN expert in no time.  Check it out!



4How do you prove that you can really create good BPMN?  BPMessentials certification is the gold standard.  Passing a multiple choice test isn’t enough.  You also need to create “good BPMN” yourself, using real BPMN 2.0 tools, properly structured and styled, incorporating advanced Level 2 elements… and meeting Bruce Silver’s high personal standards.  Over 700 have done it!